We are so glad to hear that you want assistance with your ADHD.  Let’s see how the McNay & Voth Gateway Community would be a good fit for you.

To begin with, a little background: as you’ll see from looking around our blog & website, our husband/father is an adult with ADHD, who was diagnosed at age 50.  We also have a daughter/sister who was diagnosed at age 17.  After their diagnoses, suddenly, their lives (and, ours) began to make sense!  SO THAT’S THE REASON HE’S STARTED DOZENS OF PROJECTS BUT CAN’T EVER SEEM TO GET THEM FINISHED!!!   And, why his desk is PILED with paper and bills, which are buried in there “somewhere” but don’t get paid on time.   NOW WE UNDERSTAND WHY she felt that “all the birds were [flying around in her head] but not able to get to their cages”.  And, why she would come home from school COMPLETELY DRAINED each day - it took all her energy to concentrate (“put the blinders on!”) – and, upset - she felt ostracized and “different” from her classmates.  That would also explain their ability to look at life “outside of the box” and come up with creative and fun solutions, too…

We know what it’s like to live the ADHD life.  We also know what it’s like to need to have a coach on our team, someone to understand the challenges, who helps the ADHD-person (and those important to your life) set realistic goals, encourage when stumbles occur, and be a personal cheerleader.  YOU are an exceptional person who is deeper than your ADHD – and you are ready to SOAR!          

  • Coaching is different than Counseling.  ADHD Coaching is a partnership between our family and yours that nurtures the skills you need to cope successfully with the symptoms of ADHD: hyperactivity, impulsivity, and inattention.  For more information about ADHD Coaching, click here

  • During our sessions, you will learn to develop goals related to creating skills as we provide support and encouragement, structure, and accountability.

  • Our coaching sessions will take place as individual phone calls, Skype sessions, or face-to-face meetings (if you’re in Wichita, or just want to visit here) at our office (see cancellation policy above).
Please fill out this application that merely tells us about your situation and whether you are serious about a Coaching partnership.  After we receive and review your application, we will schedule a free consultation session with you to continue the acceptance process. 

The world is waiting for you & your talents.  YOU are a gift to be shared.

Dr. Atha & the Gateway Community Team
John Mack Bridge