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A Mother's ADHD Survival Guide
A Mother's ADHD Survival Guide
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My name is Dr. Atha McNay. I’m so excited for your interest in this course,

“A Mother’s ADHD Survival Guide”.

For more 20 years, I’ve had a passion for helping families cope with, and survive ­ and even thrive, despite the many unique trials facing them because their family members are challenged with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).

It’s my hope that by reviewing this 5 module course, you find comfort and understanding how ADHD impacts others families. I’m also confident you’ll learn new and practical ways to make your life better and less stressful, as you deal with and help your children, or spouse (or even yourself) with the disorder!

A Mother’s ADHD Survival Guides has 5 segments. Each class or module has a video training by me and notes and/or helpful checklists for you.

Get started today and don’t forget to join our private Google+ Community, a special bonus for you for taking part in this course! It’s a place for mom’s to share ideas, ask questions and get tips and answers to your challenges.

Thanks again!

Dr. Atha McNay
ADHD Coach